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BLESSED Ministries Inc. Special Presentation

Welcome to Urban Tools for Change hosted by Dr. Lisa LaCon, where we're providing mental health tips for the urban community dealing through psychiatric rehabilitation principles and methodology. In this episode we provide a look behind the scenes at BLESSED Ministries Inc., the sponsor organization that provides us with the ability to do this show. BMI is a service that provides various disenfranchised populations with the tools to gain employment while regaining purpose in their lives. Included are two success stories about former clients, in addition to a feature article on BMI's expungement program covered in the Essex Times Newspaper. We hope you enjoy the video. Special credit to Councilman Weldon Montague and Communications Intern, Chanel Blackwell for there skills during the production of this feature.



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Thank you so much for entering into the Urban Suite. In the Suite, we discuss sex, mental health, and other topics affecting the urban community. As I always say, it's time to Watch! Learn! Grow!

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