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Do You Enjoy What You Do?

All over social media, I see people complain about their employment situation. They cry in the car, regretting the fact that as soon as they slam the car door, walk through their employer's door, they inwardly begin to crumble even more. The angst of working in an environment in which you do not enjoy can play a heavy toll on your mental health. But, why do people not venture out and leave their Monday through Friday doomsday life? Perhaps they don't have the skills to navigate to another position. Or, they are paralyzed by FEAR. Either way, you are stuck and become miserable complaining on social media. Someone once told me, "If you complain, you remain". So true. I think we spend so much "time" complaining that are complaints outweigh the time we could spend researching ways to improve and "move" on to something more fulfilling.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to capture this image of singer, songwriter, rapper, Wale, whose birth name is Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, who was born and raised in my hometown of Washington, D.C.

In this photo, you can see Wale understands his purpose. He's not complaining about his employer or his work environment. This, ladies and gentlemen is a photo of a man who enjoys what he does. Why? Perhaps he has 1) identified his purpose, 2) understands his purpose, 3) working within his purpose, 4) doesn't allow fear to dictate his purpose, and 5) spends time needed to craft his purpose. I guarantee you, those who cry, sob, complain, become angry in their cars about their employment situation, haven't moved in the direction of finding their ultimate purpose in their work-life. So, do you enjoy what you do? If not, why not?

Photo by Dr. Lisa LaCon



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