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Married Wins or Woes

Do you ever look over to your spouse and ask, "Who is this joker?" Dive into the complexities of marriage with "Married Woes or Wins." Join hosts Sean and Lisa LaCon as they explore the intricate dynamics of married life, offering insights and advice on navigating both the triumphs and trials. With a touch of humor and genuine sincerity, they'll guide you through the ups and downs, reminding listeners that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every victory is worth celebrating. All this and more in the #urbansuite, with me, Dr. Lisa LaCon.



Hi, thanks for entering into the Urban Suite!

Thank you so much for entering into the Urban Suite. In the Suite, we discuss sex, mental health, and other topics affecting the urban community. As I always say, it's time to Watch! Learn! Grow!

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