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One Hundred Million Dollars or Peace?

How important is your "peace"? While thinking about the concept of peace, I'm reminded that our thought-life is the root cause of our peace. I think of this concept as the absence of disturbance, conflict...calamity, which initiates in our minds. In essence, peace is a harmonious state of being based solely on your thoughts. So what thoughts are consuming you? Are they negative thoughts or positive ones? Is the movie scene in your head, played with various actors and characters causing you to lose sleep at night? Or, is the scene filled with hopeful anticipations leading to pure bliss? Either one can shape your overall disposition about life and what life has to offer. One hundred million dollars or peace? Which would you rather have? This question was poised on my podcast, "How to Acquire Peace". Some stated one hundred million. Others opted for peace. Me? I choose peace. Why? I know all to well what life is like without it. Torment comes to mind. You feel a sense of hopelessness. For me, there is no amount of money which can be substituted for peace. Peace can not be bought, but it is free. If you so choose. Peace is a God-given gift which should never be squandered. It is a concept which needs to be handled with care. Acquiring peace is a deliberate act of intentionality. We need to intentionally learn how to remove those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. In essence, we need to be mindful of our thoughts and focus on our behaviors based on our thoughts. Is what I am thinking causing me to have unrest? If so, change the negative movie scene displayed in your head to a positive one. Trust me, it works. It takes time to develop this habit, but once you have mastered it, you will have this peace that surpasses all understanding. As the arbiter of your life, you have the power and authority to choose between the tangible and the intangible. Which do you prefer? Wealth or peace?



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