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The Art and Science of Beauty: Cosmetics for the Mind and Body

According to research, there are two primary reasons why women wear makeup. The first reason is camouflage and the second is seduction. So what are women camouflaging and who or what are women seducing. And, why? Today in the Urban Suite, we are discussing this billion dollar industry from two different perspectives. One, the art of makeup. Second, the science guiding this industry. Question, is wearing makeup "vanity" or a necessary "tool" to keep us sane in this unpredictable world? Find out with me, Dr. Lisa LaCon in the Urban Suite as we explore cosmetics for the mind and body. #makeup #cosmetics #urbantoolsforchange #drlisalacon #urbansuite #kimtetterton #andreafairweather #fashionfair



Hi, thanks for entering into the Urban Suite!

Thank you so much for entering into the Urban Suite. In the Suite, we discuss sex, mental health, and other topics affecting the urban community. As I always say, it's time to Watch! Learn! Grow!

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