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What's Happening with the NAACP in the Oranges/Maplewood Chapter?

It's election time for the Oranges/Maplewood chapter of the NAACP. What does that mean? Perhaps a new president or other open positions to effect change. Well, meet Dr. Jennifer Payne Parrish who is running for President of the NAACP Oranges/Maplewood chapter and find out why she's running and what changes she believes should occur with her local chapter. You don't want to miss this discussion in the Urban Suite with me, Dr. Lisa LaCon. #naacp #electiontime #election



Hi, thanks for entering into the Urban Suite!

Thank you so much for entering into the Urban Suite. In the Suite, we discuss sex, mental health, and other topics affecting the urban community. As I always say, it's time to Watch! Learn! Grow!

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