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Why Cheaters Never Win!!!

Today in the Urban Suite, we are going to discuss why people cheat. Have you ever cheated on an exam? Cheated on your taxes? Cheated on your spouse? Why? And, what are the psychological and spiritual consequences to cheating? Find out in the Urban Suite with me, Dr. Lisa LaCon why we, as humans cheat. Let's talk about it!!!!! #nfl #thefix #cheaters #liars #drlisalacon #urbantoolsforchange Video source of Moldea and Sajak Interview: mvp_whistleblower (Tiktok)



Hi, thanks for entering into the Urban Suite!

Thank you so much for entering into the Urban Suite. In the Suite, we discuss sex, mental health, and other topics affecting the urban community. As I always say, it's time to Watch! Learn! Grow!

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